Nompix® – free Photo based food journaling for iOS

phoodto-1024pxAvailable for free on iOS from May 1st, 2014!

Keeping a food journal is a proven way to help stick to weight loss plans, but writing stuff down can be tedious. With Nompix® you simply take a picture and enter any details you want either there and then, or at a later more convenient time. Never forget another snack or meal!

You can easily send your food journal to a friend or your group’s consultant as a PDF using the share functionality.

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2 comments on “Nompix® – free Photo based food journaling for iOS
  1. Gina Meyer says:

    How do I get the option to save after 8 days of journaling on Nompix? I do not see where to make that happen. I love this app so far and would really like to keep my journals. Thank you.

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