d20 Tools

Please note : due to changes in the Android Marketplace Google have made it impossible for me to create updates for this app, so I am afraid it is no longer supported. Sorry!

As a gamer, and especially a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, I decided to put together a couple of useful tools for gamers and dungeon masters and wrapped them up in an Android application which I call d20 Tools.

v1.3 release notes:

  • update to graphics
  • added initiative tracker
6 comments on “d20 Tools
  1. The Dwarven Cleric says:

    As a frequent caster, I have but one request:

    Spells per day tracker.

    That alone would get me to pay for it, seriously.

  2. Alderon says:

    I would like to ask you, if you could add a screenshot or two of your app.

  3. Changling says:

    Are you still updating? if so a cool feature would to make custom character sheets, with the ability to add custom stats and also the ability to have resources like gold. i personally use d20 tools for a custom set of rules, and the ability to use these would greatly be appreciated.

  4. Telerian3 says:

    Hey, afew apps have had an issue like this. But have found a way around it and re-uploaded their app. This is one I’d like to see continued. Don’t give up on it man. Make it worth buying and sell it for a dime or something.

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